1908 — 1988
Gladys (Sally) Lunn

"The most astonishing all-round woman athlete whom England has produced"

“The outstanding performer is Miss Gladys Lunn, who may well rank as the veteran of women’s athletics. Twenty-eight years of age, she is in her thirteenth season of active competition and is the most astonishing all-round woman athlete whom England has produced. On the track she has won championships at all distances from the 100yards to the three miles, and cross-country, shot putt, and javelin titles have all fallen to her. As far back as 1931 and 1932 she held both the national and international championships, and for the last nine years she has represented England in most countries of the world. In 1934 she won the 880 yards championship in record time, and at the same meeting won the javelin title”

For the British athletes, the voyage to the Sydney Empire Games lasted several weeks. The team sailed on the S.S.Ormonde and were in Columbo on Christmas day, from where “Sally” sent this postcard to a friend in Hamstead. She wrote “Having a lovely time on board. The tracks that we have run on have been very poor and we have not done any fast work. Getting a little bored with so much water. Shall not be sorry when we reach Sydney. I wish you were with me. Love Sally”

In the 1934 Empire Games she had won the javelin with a throw of 32.19m, but in Sydney a throw of 36.41m was only good enough to win her a bronze medal. Her ability in so many events would have made her an ideal heptathlete if the event had existed then.

Gladys Lunn